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People in Ontario asked to be on the lookout for meteorite space rocks

Scientists are asking residents in Ontario to keep their eyes peeled for pieces of a meteorite that crashed into the area this past weekend. 

You might've even caught a glimpse of the meteorite yourself early Saturday morning if you live in the area between Toronto and Hamilton. 

Some people in Ontario managed to capture astounding video footage of the meteorite as it made its way across the early morning sky. 

According to Western University physicist Peter Brown, the meteorite weighed around 500 kilograms and was less than a metre in diameter. Brown also told the Canadian Press that the meteorite entered Earth's atmosphere around 3:25 a.m. on Saturday.

The physicist said people living in the area between Toronto and Hamilton might've heard the sonic boom the meteorite made as it was moving 40 times the speed of sound. 

Brown and his research group believe that small pieces of the meteorite landed in the south shore of Lake Ontario, around Grimsby and Vineland.

Larger pieces that could weigh up to several kilograms are believed to have landed north of St. Catharines. 

A group of researchers searched the area over the weekend, but the snowy weather made it difficult to locate any space rocks.

However, now that the snow has melted down since the weekend, residents in the area are being asked to keep a lookout for any black magnetic pieces of the meteorite. 

Lead photo by

Raphael Wild 

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