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Toronto Metropolitan University debuts new logo and it's not great

The university formerly known as Ryerson has just dropped their new logo for their varsity sports team and its quite lacklustre.

Weeks after announcing their old sports team the Ryerson Rams would be replaced by The Toronto Metropolitan (TMU) TMU Bold, its matching logo clad in yellow and blue is now ready to be displayed on jerseys, signs and other random merch.

The logo features a wing and beak mark on the 'b' in Bold, a nod to the new falcon mascot after the death of former mascot Egerton 'Eggy' the Ram.

tmu logo"The top of the 'B'Β is curved in the shape of the falcon's body and beak as it dives at extreme high-speeds," read a release from the school.

Other than that, its a pretty boring logo, with just words and no characters, animation or anything remotely cool.

But I guess that's what the school was going, as a quote from athletics marketing director indicated the logo was meant to be subtle.

"It's not overt, it's subtle. It's like our version of the Nike Swoosh."

The new logo will be painted on the school's basketball courts and added to their ice rinks and other sports facilities.Β 

All of this change stems from the university's decision to abandon the name Ryerson for Toronto Metropolitan, getting rid of any mention of Egerton Ryerson, who advocated for the creation of residential schools and even wrote "best methods"Β on how to operate such schools.

At their height, there were over 130 residential schools across the country, with the last one closing in 1996, just 26 years ago. It is estimated that over 150,000 Indigenous, Metis and Inuit children were stolen from their families and forced into these schools.

The name change was announced this spring along with the university's new logo, which again, appeared to be very simple - or subtle.

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