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Man dies after tense interaction with Toronto Police and family wants answers

The family of a Toronto man that alleges he died following an interaction with police almost two weeks ago wants answers on the circumstances.

Taresh Bobby Ramroop's family said he died "after a prolonged, violent encounter involving approximately 20 police officers, including several members of the Emergency Task Force" on Oct. 13.

His family insists Ramroop did not need police intervention but proper mental health care.

"Instead, the police staged an hours-long stand food which ended after Tarest tried to escape from a window in his Jane/Finch high-rise apartment and fell to his death," reads a letter from the family.

A GoFundMe campaign created by Ramroop's sister claims the family was told he would be transported to the hospital but that it never happened.

"Our sweet bunty parish, you are loved beyond the measures of our heart. We will cherish your beautiful memory; this is not goodbye until we meet again. If love could have saved you Bob, you would have never died."

The family also alleges that they were not told Ramroop was dead for several hours after the incident.

Now the family, alongside police abolitionists in the city, are holding a media conference to find out more answers and call for justice.

They demand the Toronto Police Services name and charge officers involved in the incident, release police body camera footage, audio recordings and all other footage from the day.

The province's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is investigating the death and says officers were called to a 32-year-old man's home for concerns about "a man throwing objects from a balcony to the ground."

They continue to say officers tried to negotiate with the man and that through the course of this discussion, he fell from the apartment window to the ground.

This case is similar to that of Regis Korchinski Paquet, a 29-year-old woman who also fell to her death following an interaction with Toronto Police back in 2020. 

Toronto Police said they could not comment on the incident as it is now being investigated by the SIU. 

On Oct. 27 Ramroop's family with support from the No Pride in Policing Coalition and Jane Finch Action Against Poverty will hold a press conference to address the community and media.

"The Toronto Police are responsible for his death, and must be abolished so we can develop an emergency response that provides safety, care and dignity."

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