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Someone found a journal set selling for $200 at Canada's Wonderland

In a TikTok that's gone viral with almost 200,000 views within just a few days, someone shows how they found a journal that cost $200 at Canada's Wonderland.

Text in the video reads "Canada's Wonderland pricing be like..." with a caption reading "Most expensive thing at Wonderland?" with the hashtag #overpriced.

A sticker on the relatively plain-looking hardcover journal reads $199.99.

People in the comments have been dropping how much they thought the journal might cost before seeing the actual jaw-dropping price tag.

"Daaamn and I was thinking $30," one person wrote.

"I guessed 45$ and I thought I was guessing too much," someone else commented. The original poster replied, "Ahahaha my friends all guessed your price point as well."

"Unless it's a journal from the future telling me what will happen, I'd throw that across the store at that price," one person commented.

Other people rationalized that the sticker was actually meant to say $19.99.

But nope, Canada's Wonderland confirms that that's the full price...but what's shown in the video isn't actually the full product.

"That is not the price for this individual item, but rather, the price for a set of seven hardcover antique-styled journals of varying sizes sold as a décor arrangement," a rep for Canada's Wonderland tells blogTO.

"You'll see on the sticker it says S/7 which stands for Set of 7."

So, mystery of the overpriced journal solved...but still, even at a set of seven, are they really worth the price?

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