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Toronto blames global supply chain issues for closing park for almost half a year

Ongoing issues with the global supply chain is a royal pain in the butt and it seems it's the official reason for why a Toronto park has been closed for almost half a year.

If you're a Beaches resident, you’ll know that Ivan Forrest Gardens has been closed to public access and fenced off since May 2022.

But what you probably don't know is that the city says ongoing construction has been delayed due to issues with the darn global supply chain.

A recent Tweet showing the fenced off park said residents have been seeing the ugly fencing for years now, but the city says that is not the case at all.

"The Queen Street East entrance to Ivan Forest Park has been closed off for Streetscape Improvements since May 2022," said a Toronto spokesperson.

And you can thank material shortages and market demands for additional park headaches, as they have "impacted the project schedule."

Of course, the city apologizes for the delay and says they "hope" to take down the fencing and allow public access "as soon as possible."

This streetscape project for Ivan Forrest has been ongoing since summer 2020 and had the anticipated completion date for this fall, which I think is very unlikely to happen.

Project details include new improvements to the park's entrance, pathways, seating areas and planting beds.

Drinking fountain upgrades, new lighting and a new set of garbage and recycling bins are also planned - if only the global supply chain conditions would improve!

Let's see if another six months will go by before the fences come down! 

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