first snowfall in ontario 2022

Ontario could see its first snowfall of the season this week

Bundle up and stay warm out there folks, because Ontario's Thanksgiving weekend is going to be bitterly cold and may end with some white flurries.

That's right - it appears the seasons first snowfall is just days away from wreaking havoc on our lives and mental health.

So enjoy the next two days because Friday, according to the Weather Network, will feel much more like November temperatures than early October temps.

In fact, their meteorologists say it might be the coldest Ontario Thanksgiving weekend in a decade, due to cold arctic air and a "sweeping" cold front.

Wednesday will be your last day to feel 20 degree Celsius temperatures in southern Ontario, as Thursday brings wet snow for Thunder Bay and towards Timmins with single-digit degree marks.

More wet-snow will be felt across the northeastern portions of Ontario as well. 

Friday is expected to be "the coldest day many of us have seen in months," according to the Weather Network.

Toronto is predicated to sit around 10 degrees Celsius on Friday, the city's first 10 degree-high in 169 days, while overnight temps predicted by Environment Canada will hovering around a bleak three degrees Celsius.

And of course there is also a high chance of frost development in the overnight hours.

Meteorologists are unsure just how far the flurries will blanket the province, with a chance the southern portion could be skipped entirely depending on how cool it is.

But thanks to pesky lake-effect rain showers, the rain could transition to mixed or wet flurries for places with higher elevations in southern Ontario for Saturday morning.

Mid-October should see more mild temperatures but there is always a chance that can be thrown off balance.

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Michael Monastyrskyj

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