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Dumb fight breaks out during Halloween party at popular Toronto nightclub

Never trust a dude not to make trouble if he shows up to a Halloween party in regular clothes, without a costume or even so much as a lazy attempt at participating in the collective festivities with some eyeliner.

Two young men who couldn't be bothered to pick up cheap devil horns from Dollarama (or worse, thought they were too cool to dress up) were captured on camera at one of Toronto's biggest nightclubs on Saturday evening throwing hands. Sort of.

A video circulating on Twitter this morning shows what the poster describes as a "little Halloween fight" at Rebel Nightclub.

In the clip, we see two men in white shirts hitting and wrestling each other as an electronic remix of the Dem Franchize Boyz classic, "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It,"plays in the background.

We can also see several flashes of costumed revellers in the fray as the two under-dressed men twist around, pulling at each other's clothes. This makes sense, given that it happened during what Rebel had billed as "Toronto's biggest Halloween weekend party."

The fight appears to resolve at the end of the video with fellow clubgoers pulling the men apart. No injuries were reported, but this footage now lives online for all to see how poorly these two men prepared for Halloween 2022.

Only one thing could redeem them at this point: Their costumes were club bros, and the fight was a performance to complete the joint ensemble.

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