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Doug Ford carved a Halloween pumpkin and it's the stuff of nightmares

I hope you're prepared for a real fright this Halloween, as Ontario Premier Doug Ford came out swinging to kick off All Hallows' Eve with what just might be the scariest thing you see all day.

It's not his latest plan to quash teachers' strike action or any of his other political moves, but his absolutely terrifying 2022 jack-o-lantern submission. Ford posted a video on social media on Monday morning, giving the public a little taste of his Halloween spirit.

And oh boy, he did not disappoint.

"I remember even when I was growing up, we'd get together and have pumpkin carving contests," says Ford while rocking a very on-brand Muskoka hoodie.

"So we're going to start off with making a little design here. We've got to make it scary," warned Ford.

Unlike many of the premier's political promises, he did indeed deliver, producing a contender for what just might be the scariest pumpkin of the season.

The premier guts the pumpkin himself, like a man of the people, saying that his "favourite thing to always do is get your hands in this gucky stuff here."

In typical Dougie fashion, the premier also finds a way to shoehorn a recipe into the pumpkin carving tutorial, telling his audience to separate the seeds, add oil and salt, and bake until golden brown.

Ford reminisces on childhood holiday costumes like a Batman getup made from household items, and his favourite Halloween flicks, including Friday the 13th.

Things start to go off the rails, though, when the premier explains that he's gotten to the part of the pumpkin carving ritual where "we've got to put the eyeballs in."

Wait, what?

Offering up "full disclosure" that he is not "a pumpkin carver," the premier revealed his creative monstrosity to the world.

Despite the video's playful tone, the response has been overwhelmingly negative, with commenters openly criticizing the premier's policies and dunking on his folksy image.

Others seem to think the premier is putting more effort into pumpkin carving than his actual job.

But whatever you think of Ford's premiership, you've got to hand it to the guy for carving a very unnerving pumpkin.

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