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Toronto divided on what street separates the east and west side of the city

Toronto is a city known for many things that almost all of us can agree on; the TTC is a mess, this season is the one where the Leafs will finally win the cup and that the second 'T' in Toronto is always silent.

But seems a certain age-old debate is once again drawing mixed answers. What street do you think divides the city between east and west?

May people say the clear distinction is the one-and-only Yonge Street. But then some think it's Bay Street.

Is Yonge the obvious answer because it literally changes from Yonge west to east?

Well, how about north and south?

The most common answer to that is Bloor Street.

Others suggest Eglinton, Dupont and the very far away Sheppard Avenue.

A Google search will lead you to believe that Yonge Street is the answer for east and west while Bloor is right for north and south.

But as at least one person notes, at one point in time Bathurst and Lawrence was considered extremely far from the downtown core.  

But as more developments spring up, it seems the intersection is getting closer and closer.

Maybe this is why we can't agree on these dividing lines?

Maybe 30 years from now the 401 will be the line between north and south of our condo-filled city.

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