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Someone got pulled over for riding their bike on Highway 401 in Toronto

Driving on Toronto's highways can be a nightmare, and although some commuters try to avoid the dreaded 401, sometimes it's the most logical option.

I believe this is a true statement expect for this one, very strange commute.

A person was captured cycling on the 401 in Toronto this week and though they narrowly avoided getting into an accident, the police ended their biking escapade.

A video shared on Instagram by user Fred.bk (who tagged blogTO) captured this whacky ride. He truly is shocked to see the biker and questions what exactly is taking place before his eyes.

The biker, who was spotted shirtless and without a helmet, doesn't appear to be overly scared of the situation and stays very close to the guard wall on the paved shoulder.

It appears to have taken place on the beginning of the 400 when you get on from the 401.

The video also perfectly captures the moment when an Ontario Provincial Police cruiser pulls over the biker.

We aren't sure how this story ends but I'm betting a ticket or hefty fine was involved.

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