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Peterborough mayor calls arrested conspiracy protestors f*ckwads

Sometimes it takes a bit of strong language to get your message across, which is precisely the route that Peterborough mayor Diane Therrien chose when addressing the recent far-right conspiracy theorists making a scene in her town.

Therrien spoke bluntly, using words that even followers of the completely bonkers QAnon conspiracy fringe are able to comprehend, calling members of the group imbeciles and not-so-politely telling them, "f*ck off, you f*ckwads."

For anyone needing a quick refresher on what drove the mayor of a mid-sized Ontario city to use such language, Peterborough made headlines this past weekend when a group of followers of the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada (and definitely not a legal monarch) Romana Didulo, attempted to place Peterborough police officers under citizens' arrest.

The plan backfired in predictably hilarious fashion when members of the group were, themselves, arrested by the very cops they set out to detain. Hardly an M. Night Shyamalan level plot twist.

Therrien's unrestrained response is not exactly the type of language expected of a politician, though this f-bomb storm is far from the first time Peterborough's mayor has shown off her edgy side with some (honestly pretty hilarious) casual swearing.

It may come as a shock to the older crowd, but this form of foul-mouthed discourse is quite endearing and relatable, as evidenced by the countless tweets supporting the mayor's rebuke of the QAnon crowd. Many even want her to run for office in their town.

Though not everyone is a fan of her choice of words, and Therrien has followed up her cussing content with a screenshot of an email from a disgruntled troll.

As for the ones the mayor referred to as "f*ckwads," three members of the would-be arresting party face charges for their participation in the ill-fated weekend demonstration after Special Forces failed to swoop in and take the police off to be tried for crimes against humanity.

I swear, they actually believed that this would happen.

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