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Someone has been taking hundreds of pictures of all the abandoned toilets in Toronto

Have you ever walked down any Toronto street and noticed the sheer number of abandoned toilets left lying around?

Well, if you didn't, that's okay, because one man did and he's now sharing photos of all the abandoned toilets he's seen in Toronto, through a photo project called "Toilet Town."

toronto photography

One of Toilet Town's captures.

The photos are pretty hilarious, and depict abandoned toilets in all their glory in variety of settings across Toronto.

toronto photography

The classic smashed toilet.

Some are seen lurking in the background as couples walk by hand-in-hand, while others are dramatically tipped over, covered in graffiti, or even full of fresh flowers.

toronto photography

All-ages toilet.

Creator of Toilet Town Sebastian Harder told blogTO he and his wife started noticing all the abandoned toilets in Toronto a few years ago, and decided to start taking pictures of them.

toronto photography

Discount toilet.

"It's a mystery I certainly haven't solved. Why are there so many street toilets here? It's a Toronto thing I guess," he said.

toronto photography

Night toilet.

Harder works in the film industry, and has taken about 500 pictures of these toilets, 99 per cent of which are located in Toronto.

toronto photography

Free toilet.

"Everyone is happy on some level when they see a toilet - or at least unhappy when they need one and don't see it," he told blogTO.

You can check out all the pictures part of "Toilet Town" here.

Photos by

Sebastian Harder

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