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Ontario cops are looking for a creepy naked dude spotted yanking it in a forest

Police are on the hunt for a man recorded committing a highly-indecent act on a public trail in Aurora.

York Regional Police officers responded to a report of an indecent act on Saturday around 6 p.m. in the Case Woodlot trail system in Aurora's Mahogany Court and McClellan Way area.

A female victim was seated on a bench along the trail when a nude man emerged from the forest and committed what police are describing as an indecent act before fleeing to the southwest, into the woods towards the Highview Public School park area.

"York Regional Police is seeking public assistance to identify a man following an indecent act in a public trail system in the Town of Aurora," reads a news release appealing to the public for help in the search for this strolling stroker.

YRP investigators have released a description, image and video of the suspect and are appealing for the public's help to bring the forest fondler to justice.

Police describe the suspect as male, white, and clean-shaven (which, unfortunately, could have multiple interpretations in this context) aged 55 to 65, wearing nothing but a baseball hat and boots.

Jokes aside, it's a creepy move targeting a woman in an isolated area almost certainly made to feel unsafe by the encounter. Proximity to a school zone also likely has local parents on edge.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect should contact York Regional Police #1 District Criminal Investigations Bureau, Crime Stoppers, or reach out to leave an anonymous… tip.

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York Regional Police

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