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Driver stopped travelling 200 km/hour tells Ontario cop he didn't know he was speeding

A speeding driver had a pretty unusual explanation when he was stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recently.

A police officer with the Burlington OPP was met with a downright stupid excuse when he pulled over a driver going 200 km/hour, two times over the speed limit.

After pulling the vehicle over on Highway 407, the copper was sure to be surprised when the driver responded that "he didn't realize he was going that fast."


Unfortunately for the driver, the cop did not accept that reasoning and ended up suspending his licence for 30 days and impounding the car for two weeks.

These are stunting charges, which are typically laid when drivers are going 50 kilometres+ over the limit, when the speed limit is 80km/hour or higher.

While we get it's typical to see drivers going over the 100km/hour posted speed limit on highways across the province, 200 kilometres seems a bit excessive. Even for the 407.

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