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Someone in Toronto is trying to sell their 70s cocaine table

You come across a lot of interesting things being sold in Toronto via Facebook and Instagram these days, but it's not often you see a "cocaine table."

The name is just a playful term for the style of table for this vintage furniture selling business, done by Sunday Creative, which posted the "cocaine table" recently.

Sunday Creative is the brainchild of Sabrina Colosimo, who's been buying and selling vintage furniture for four years, and uses her former background before that to inspire her marketing.

"I was in product management and marketing, so I know the power, and the fun, of naming products and creating a vibe," Colosimo tells blogTO. 

"These tables instantly made me think of the movie Blow, late 70s/early 80s total glam/luxe living. A little Penelope Cruz, with a bell bottom romper and a middle part, in a lavish pad."

She's also used this same strategy on a similar piece before with great results.

"I had another set of these a few months ago that were this fantastic mustard colour with gold ribboning. They sold immediately. I used the same 'name,'" says Colosimo. 

"Clients fall in love with a vibe, a feeling, a way of life…I help that along with my lifestyle photoshoots. It's more than the item itself, you know?"

She feels like the 60s, 70s and 80s are hot right now and sees people really responding to references to those eras in her marketing.

"The 70s are personally my favourite time for furniture, and we've seen the 80s come back with a vengeance these past couple years," says Colosimo.

"On that note I named a bamboo table and chairs the 'Del Boca Vista Dining Set.' For those that caught the Seinfeld reference, it was a hit."

The "cocaine" side tables and a coffee table are still listed as up for sale on Facebook marketplace for $250 each, and pickup or delivery are both available. You can also check out the Sunday Creative Instagram and peep the "Available Vintage" highlight reel to see what they've got.

Colosimo operates Sunday Creative out of a live/work loft in the St. Lawrence Market area where items for sale mingle with her personal furniture in what she calls a "living showroom."

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Sunday Creative

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