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Toronto is in for some steamy and stormy Canada Day weekend weather

If you're planning on getting up to a cottage, hitting the beach or a patio, or otherwise enjoying this Canada Day long weekend in the sun, you'll want to be prepared for some severe humidty and other messy weather that's going to be hitting the province over the coming days.

The Weather Network is forecasting some extra hot, soupy conditions for Ontario, with temperatures gradually building to feel like the low 30s C today, tomorrow and Saturday.

High humidity paired with a low pressure system moving in from the prairies will end up creating the perfect environment for some severe thunderstorms come Friday night, which could derail outdoor activities typical of the holiday, like fireworks.

Further north of the GTA, residents may even see some supercells, large hail and a risk of tornadoes.

"Heat and humidity building across the region will provide enough instability to fuel widespread thunderstorm activity across [Ontario and Quebec] over the next couple of days,"  the agency wrote Thursday morning.

"The system responsible for the severe weather will push east heading into our Canada Day on Friday, shifting the chance for thunderstorms into the most heavily populated stretch of the country on one of the busiest days of the year for outdoor activities."

At the time of publiation, Friday is slated to be 29 C in Toronto but will feel like 33, with a risk of a thunderstorms that could bring 1-3 mm of downpour, high winds, and small hail.

There is also only due to be about 4 hours of sun tomorrow due to the storm risk, compared to 11 hours on Saturday.

For those cottaging further north, things will feel a bit chillier on Friday thanks to a cold front: low-to-mid 20s C, along with the same chance of storms to ruin what many were likely hoping would be a day of fun on the water.

Thankfully, the rest of the weekend in the south of the province looks to be beautiful, although hot: 28 C (feeling like 31 C) on Saturday under mainly sunny skies, and 25 C (feeling like 28 C) on Sunday under a mix of sun and clouds.

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