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Special weather alert issued for Toronto as strong winds whip through the city

If you'll be out and about in downtown Toronto on this lovely Friday evening, I would strongly suggest that you leave any hats, sunglasses or bicycles at home.

Basically, if you wouldn't wear it on a speedboat, don't wear it outside — especially in neighbourhoods that double as huge wind tunnels (I see you, eastern half of Liberty Village). At least not until Environment Canada lifts the special weather statement currently in effect for the City of Toronto.

I just narrowly avoided flying over sideways into a construction pit, which would have been hilarious for anyone watching but ouch. I don't want that for you.

"Strong wind gusts today," reads an alert issued by the federal weather authority just after 4 p.m. on Friday. "Hazard: Strong wind with gusts up to 70 km/h. Timing: Ending this evening."

EnviroCan specifies that gusty winds could send loose objects flying (something we've seen plenty of times before,) causing injury to humans and damage to soft shelters, tents and awnings at outdoor events.

"Gusty winds could further damage trees or structures already weakened from recent storms," reads the alert. "Isolated power outages possible."

Temperatures are quite beautiful currently, sitting around 24 C with nothing but fluffy white clouds and sun in the sky. It's a great evening to get out and enjoy the city... just maybe not under a tree. Or on rollerblades. Or if your hair's looking real good.

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Andy Barrow

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