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Some Toronto park washrooms still aren't open yet and local residents are peeved

It's feeling close to 30 C in Toronto these days as summer settles in, and while people have been happily getting outdoors, some are finding it hard to fully enjoy all of the city's greenspaces for one very obvious reason.

Though the season doesn't commence proper for a few more days, park amenities like washrooms and drinking fountains are known to get opened as the warm weather arrives earlier in the year — but many of these facilities are frustratingly still shuttered despite the early summer weather.

It's something that even John Tory has expressed frustration over, with the mayor saying earlier in June that he intended to "modernize the City's park services to make sure more services are activated earlier in the year."

The topic was brought up at City Council's June 16 meeting, during which a few members questioned the city's service standards, which currently state that all water fountains should be turned on by the end of June.

When it comes to washrooms, most were due to be opened by May 24, but some that require repair remain locked — the same goes for water fountains that need to be serviced, of which there are "a few."

Tory's motion to expedite opening these facilities in future years carried unanimously, while some staffers advocated for year-round bathrooms, which would certainly require more resources.

The City tells blogTO that there are more than 2,000 water assets in our parks — including 140 washrooms and 700 drinking fountains — with the former usually opened by the Victoria Day long weekend and the latter by the end of June.

"We aim to meet this standard, or better, each year, when operationally feasible. A representative said.

"This year, with the exception of those that require repair, all drinking fountains and seasonal washrooms in parks are now open."

Those exceptions add up to only six washrooms, four of which have been fixed since May.

"It is important to note that the number of closed washrooms and fountains will fluctuate daily if a washroom requires repair and has to be temporarily closed. When a washrooms or fountain is closed, staff notify 311 and post a sign on the park washroom indicating temporarily closure and route to nearest other washroom if available."

Residents can expect that all drinking fountains and wading pools in city parks to be open by June 30. Hopefully, the two faulty washrooms will also be fixed by that time.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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