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Riding a self-driving Tesla car in Toronto looks terrifying when it's even possible

Billionaire/tech pioneer/space explorer and certified lunatic Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter earlier this year that Tesla had activated its FSD (Full Self-Drive) Beta software in some Canadian cars through an over-the-air update, kicking off the era of the self-driving car in Toronto.

Things quickly went off the rails, or at least were threatened by other vehicles on the rails, when Musk publicly blamed streetcars in the face of the FSD software's early struggles with Toronto's delicately intertwined roads and transit infrastructure.

Now, a video is offering up a first-person view of what it's like to be in the front seat of a car driving itself around Toronto.

And while it may not be a true test of the FSD software's capabilities — the test occurring in suburbia away from streetcar tracks — it looks like a pretty intense experience sure to make any driver's palms sweat.

YouTube user akide has been sharing videos throughout the FSD beta testing, with the latest clip taking viewers on a ride around the winding side streets of Scarborough north of Highway 401.

The almost ten-minute-long video was captured almost entirely in self-driving mode, the driver occasionally overriding the automated controls to get through intersections faster or to avoid large puddles.

At one point, the driver remarks, "the street is busy, I don't believe Beta is going to be assertive enough to push through," before manually accelerating through an intersection.

It's interesting to see the Tesla evade parked cars and delicately dance around other smaller obstacles, all while appearing to gun it over speed bumps as if they were mere pebbles.

Self-driving mode is currently limited to areas beyond downtown, as geofencing technology prevents the FSD from engaging across much of the city.

It appears said limit is Bloor Street/Danforth Avenue, with no available reports of the FSD functioning south of that line, and akide has also posted videos of the technology being rendered effectively useless on downtown streets.

It's still interesting to see the car drive itself along familiar routes like Sheppard Avenue, or navigate highway and city traffic almost flawlessly.

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