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Niagara roofer records rant about charging extra for people he thinks are liberal

A Niagara region roofer is facing outrage, accused of admitting to price gouging customers based entirely on their perceived political affiliations. "Perceived" being the operative word, as the guy's methods could be criticized as dodgy at best.

Founded in 2012 by the husband-and-wife team of Josh and Tawnya, Bigger Roofing has developed a bit of a following as a right-wing and anti-mandate social media presence.

In the owner's latest online tirade, he basically admits to price gouging. A company representative claims that the video was pure satire, but was unable to provide a convincing argument that the video was filmed in jest.

In the clip, Josh from Bigger Roofing brags about charging customers he thinks are Liberal voters extra, though his identifier of customers' views boils down to their choice of car.

For whatever reason, Josh thinks that BMW — the favourite auto brand of finance bros and aging lawyers — is somehow the flagship vehicle brand of the liberal movement. If the Toyota Prius had feelings, they would be very hurt right now.

"Just another really expensive roof," rants the right-wing roofer. "Liberals driving a BMW so I charged them 15 grand, and uh yeah, that's what you get for being liberal."

"I don't care if they watch this video either way, because there's no one else to roof because of your Liberal government, they made everybody lazy by giving them f***ing CERBs and nobody wants to work."

"So I can treat people like shit, act like a f***ing asshole, and they still gotta pay me for their expensive shit whether they like it or not and they have to spend 25 per cent more because they're liberal. Welcome to the real world."

In a confusing twist, or maybe just a case of really poor math skills, Josh from Bigger Roofing has posted a video claiming that he is offering 10 per cent off non-liberal voters.

So wait, if Liberal voters are paying 25 per cent more, and everyone else is paying ten per cent less, who is paying the regular price?

Josh the roofer has also been a regular at freedom convoys and other related rallies, appearing wearing a kilt and a t-shirt reading "God, Guns, and Trump," which should tell you everything you really need to know about the guy.

blogTO has reached out to Bigger Roofing to provide the company with an opportunity to comment.

A representative for the company claims that "It's a satirical video that isn't real. He's been making these types videos for almost a decade. We are honestly surprised so many people think it's real."

Based on videos showing Josh from Bigger Roofing appearing at right-wing rallies and other attempts at trolling the left on social media, it's hard to chalk this up to a one-off incident.

The representative claims that the company has "never charged more. Ever. In fact, we have given away a free roof almost every year we've been in business. We donate free labour to community projects that need a hand (like Boy Scouts, our town library, a local mason lodge, to name a few) We support local sports teams. It was just a joke. It isn't real. At all."

They conveniently claim that the pro-Trump t-shirt "was sent by a fan (of his satirical videos) from the United States" and state that they are aware of laws protecting consumers against "unconscionable prices."

"Of course I'm aware it's illegal and it would be horrible business practices — IF it were real. But it's not. We wouldn't be in business for 12+ years if it were."

Their argument failing to gain ground, the representative admits "I guess you would have to know him personally."

Just a thought; if someone has to know you personally personally to appreciate your supposed satire (which you may or may not actually believe) maybe social media isn't the best place to share it.

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