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Toronto TV host calls out viewers for assuming she's pregnant

Anchor and reporter at Breakfast Television Melanie Ng had some wise words for viewers that assumed she was pregnant. 

Ng took some time on Monday's broadcast to respond to comments some people made about her appearance after a TikTok was posted by the show.

On Friday, the cast of the show participated in the Lady Gaga #telephonechallenge on TikTok.

The trend involves a group of people lip-syncing, strutting and dancing to the song "Telephone" by Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé.

Ng is seen in the TikTok fiercely walking towards the camera with a Tim Hortons cup in hand.

Ng told co-host Devo Brown that after Friday's show, her Instagram DMs were flooded with people asking her if she's pregnant.

She said some viewers asked, "are you expecting?" and "a little one on the way?"

Ng said one viewer just straight up told her, "congratulations!"

"Usually I ignore these comments because being in the public eye and being on camera, obviously these comments come here and there, you ignore them," Ng told Brown.

Ng said she got so many DMs, she decided to finally address the situation on her Instagram stories.

"I said something along the lines of 'maybe it's the dress, maybe it's the angle, maybe hey, I ate a burrito,' at the end of the day, you do not comment on a woman's body," she explained.

The popular host explained that while she knows there's no ill-intent in these comments, they're insensitive because you never know what someone is going through.

Ng has been very candid in the past about her journey with infertility, stating that it took her four years to have her son through IVF.

"The process of going through that was frustrating, it was maddening, it was angering," the host remarked.

Ng said at the end of the day, you should never ask someone if they're pregnant.

"I will make for the record clear that I'm not pregnant, I'm pretty sure I did eat a burrito that day, so there's that," she said.

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