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Former Toronto mayor Mel Lastman's bougie belongings are now up for sale at auction

If you've ever wanted to own the personal property of a local Toronto celeb and/or have a particular fascination with the city's former mayor Mel Lastman, you're in luck, as the estate of the late figure — who also founded Bad Boy furniture — is now up for sale at auction.

Public online bidding has already begun for more than 120 items belonging to the leader and his family, who clearly had a propensity for classically swanky furnishings.

mel lastman sal

Mel Lastman's personal watch collection would be a pretty cool thing for any fan of the controversial figure to own.

Murano glass sculptures, porcelain figurines and a custom feather sofa are among the unique pieces available, all of a very specific taste befitting of the wealthy octogenarian that once owned them.

Though the affects up for grabs from Lastman's luxury Deer Park condo appear quite expensive, some of the bids thus far are pretty low, with many around the $11 mark.

mel lastman

Is this lamp, currently bid up to $96, tasteful and one-of-a-kind, or just hideous and creepy? You decide!

The collection ranges from current bids of $3 on some glass trinket boxes to $90 for a fancy-looking inlaid Louis XV-style commode cabinet to the biggest splurge, $1,923 for a sterling silver flatware set that comes in a cushy velvet-lined box that may or may not be haunted.

Also for sale: persian rugs, 40-pound bronze sculptures, ornate ink wells and some other furniture and decor items for those that have the funds and aesthetic taste for such things.

mel lastman sale

Every real adult is supposed to have one good set of dinnerware — why not make it one eaten off of by Mel Lastman?

While this sale might be reserved for those who are fans of high-endor antique items, things like this interesting collection of men's accessories, some gaudy (but cheap) silver plated wine goblets, a giant natural quartz crystal and a vintage lighter collection are objectively pretty cool.

Also, did we mention, cool-ass rugs?

While the auction ends today, extended bidding in the case of late bids mean it could extend longer.

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