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Brazen and quick luxury theft caught on camera at downtown Toronto spa

A brazen theft was caught on camera recently in one of Toronto's glitziest neighbourhoods.

Someone who had been shopping at Chanel and then went to Rejuuv spa in Yorkville got a nasty surprise when their luxury shopping bag was stolen right out of the waiting room on June 20 right before 5 p.m.

Rejuuv co-owner Evelyn Yin posted security footage of what appears to be some girls casing the front lobby of the spa and seeing no one was there, then quickly running in to pluck the bag from its spot and hightail it out of there.

"These girls decided to come into our Yorkville store and take our client's Chanel bag while everyone was busy in the back," reads a caption to the video post on social media.

"Never mind that it's a luxury good item but the ability to take something that isn't yours and ruin someone else's day is beyond disgusting. What's shocking to many people is that these perpetrators appear/look normal. This is what modern thieves look like."

Yin says the area where the bag was stolen couldn't have been totally unoccupied for longer than two minutes.

"I hope they will return the item," Yin tells blogTO. "They have since reached out to me via IG shamefully and want to return it but are scared so I don't know if they will."

She says a server named Vanessa Radz at nearby steakhouse STK reached out to her through social media saying she recognized the girls from being at the restaurant earlier the same day. She found them through Instagram as they had actually posted a TikTok from STK.

Yin says it looks like one of them has or works at a lash or tattoo business, and that it saddens her that they might work at a small business and could do this. She also says that according to her sources the girls seem to be from Winnipeg and are in Toronto on vacation.

As far as the person whose Chanel was stolen, Yin says they just want it back because they saved up for their purchase.

"The popular opinion is to charge them for their crimes," says Yin. "However, people make mistakes and I hope they learned that you can't get away with something like this in this day and age."

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