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The LCBO keeps running out of everyone's favourite pricey champagne

Apparently, people in Ontario have been celebrating so hard after the pandemic that the LCBO is actually running out of some of its most popular (and most expensive) champagne.

Whether it's to order for bottle service, to have with dinner while commemorating an extra special event, to give as an extremely exorbitant gift or to spray all over a yacht to the dismay of its actual owner, Dom Pérignon is considered one of the world's best champagnes for any occasion, and has the price tag to match: $285.95, to start, at the LCBO.

And though it may be reserved for only the biggest splurgers, the demand for the stuff is still extremely high — so high lately that shelves across the province are going empty.

A surge in demand is apparently not only outpacing supply for Dom — which is beloved by Drake and 50 Cent, among other rappers — but also for other less famous top-shelf brands of bubbly, such as Krug, which is even pricier.

It's not the first time this has happened as of late, either: the LCBO was running out of the large majority of its 181 champagne brands for months in 2020, in part due to supply chain issues and a champagne delay in France.

While Dom becomes increasingly hard to come by in Ontario, the provincial booze retailer is asking people to try out some of the other brands available, including multiple new ones hitting stores in the coming weeks.

Here's hoping that those seeking a bottle of the good stuff but finding themselves unable to get their hands on it lately have bigger actual problems to worry about.

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