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The Goodyear Blimp keeps flying over Toronto and people can't get enough of it

Today was a good day for fans of the Goodyear Blimp in Toronto, Oshawa, Burlington, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Grimsby, Whitby and other Southern Ontario locales — and it's looking like tomorrow will be a good day too. And maybe even the day after that.

Yes, the world-famous, tire-branded airship has been cruising above the 6ix since Thursday afternoon, giving people on the ground plenty of photo fodder...

As well as a reason to question why.

So... why is the Goodyear Blimp in Toronto right now?

As it turns out, we can thank the RBC Canadian Open for this roving celebrity spotting opportunity.

That's a major golf tournament, for the uninitiated.

"Keep an eye in the sky... the @GoodyearBlimp
is in town and using the Oshawa Executive Airport as a base of operations for the next few days as they cover the @RBCCanadianOpen," confirmed the Oshawa Executive Airport Friday morning.

Goodyear's fleet of blimps — which since 2014 have actually been classified as a dirigibles — are best known for capturing aerial views of major sports events, and have been flying the skies of North America since 1925.

The sight of it has been bringing back fond memories for many in the region as we head into the weekend.

Some people are delighting in introducing the aircraft of their childhoods to their own kids for the first time.

And some are takikng the opportunity to request a ride.

Whether you love it, hate it (how could you?) or simply don't give a frick, it's always nice to see something unusual in the sky. Toronto loves that stuff.

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