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Toronto is looking for homes for 10 adorable dogs and the adoption fee is almost nothing

Animal Services in Toronto is currently searching for homes for 10 adorable pups, and they've lowered the adoption fee to next to nothing as an incentive. 

TO Animal Services posted about the adoption opportunities on Twitter on Wednesday, sharing photos of the sweet doggos and revealing that fees for dogs have been reduced to $50 including a pet licence until June 19.

"Some of these dogs have been waiting patiently for months & we'd really love to find them a family to call their own," Animal Services wrote. 

Adoption fees are typically $185 for a male dog and $215 for a female dog, while pet licence fees are usually $25 for a dog that's spayed or neutered and $60 for one that isn't.

The dogs range in age from one year-old to seven years-old, and there are eight females and two males available. 

But before you decide to adopt one of these adorable fur babies, there are a few things to consider: including whether you're ready to make a commitment of up to 20 years; whether you have the time and space to ensure the dog would have access to exercise, play and companionship; and whether you can afford the consistent expenses of food, veterinary care, and other supplies.

If you answered yes to all of these, then you just might be ready to take home one of the smiling, eager pups just desperately waiting to find their forever family.

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Animal Services

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