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Terrifying video shows GO train nearly missing kids playing on tracks in Toronto

Those familiar with the 1986 film classic Stand by Me know that playing on train tracks is a bad idea, though it appears some members of the younger generation need to brush up on their knowledge of cinema, rail safety and basic common sense.

Metrolinx shared a video on Monday morning sure to make your palms sweat just a bit, showing a group of three kids dashing across a rail bridge along the Milton GO Line, the terrifying footage captured by the forward-looking camera of a train approaching the crossing.

The video was shot on May 20 from the Milton line's Humber River rail bridge near Dundas St. West. 

And just a warning, this video is a bit upsetting to watch.

One of the kids, wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, came mere feet from death or serious injury, dashing out of the way at the very last millisecond as the train operator slammed the emergency brakes and sounded the horn in a last-ditch effort to avert disaster.

Metrolinx says that "the crew spotted a young person clinging to the fence on the edge of the bridge and only narrowly missed him."

"Then they saw two more young people up ahead running on the track as if they were trying to outrun the train."

Between the terror of the near-miss and the knowledge that they were likely in a whole lot of trouble, it comes as no surprise that the trio of youngsters got the heck out of there as the train crew was taking steps to get the train back up and running again.

These kids could have easily added to a grim statistic, joining the over 100 Canadians who are seriously injured or killed each year in railway crossing or trespassing incidents, according to Operation Lifesaver.

In a plea to the parents of the trio, Metrolinx manager of customer protective services Steve Weir is asking for those who recognize the group to get in contact with him.

"We aren't looking to be punitive, but we are very eager to speak with your children to help educate them and ensure they never ever take this kind of risk again."

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