People in Ontario can now test their Doug Ford knowledge with a new Worldle knockoff

If you're a big fan (or huge hater) of Premier Doug Ford, and/or you're one of the millions who've partaken in the Wordle craze that's swept North America, you may just want to try out a new, similarly-named word game specific to Ontario.

Digital political news site iPolitics has combined two of the most buzzed-about things in the nation over recent months — Wordle and Ontario Premier Doug Ford — into an entertaining, somewhat tongue-in-cheek game leading up to the provincial election next month.

Players are invited to test out their Ford knowledge in Fordle by guessing out terms that are "based on Doug Ford's favourite words and things."

The rules of the game are the same as in the New York Times-owned Wordle: there is a new five-letter word each day, and with each try, players will be told if they have guessed any letters correctly, and also if the letters are in the right place (blue instead of Wordle yellow for the former, and green, like in Wordle, for the latter).

Contrary to Wordle's basic logo, Fordle's uses airy bubble letters to spell out the name of the game beside a hilarious cartoon rendering of Ford giving a thumbs up and winking.

So far, it seems that people have enjoyed playing and are happily sharing their scores online, much like real Wordle, with words such as "folks" and "roads" making their way into the game.

A cute touch is that after each word is revealed, a quote from Ford on the topic is revealed — and, given that the premier delivered countless ridiculous one-liners during his regular pandemic press briefings, the site definitely has tons of fodder to work with.

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