midges toronto 2022

The stupid midges are back in Toronto and everyone is already sick of them

Toronto midges are back again for 2022. If you don't know what a midge is, think of the bugs that consistently make you most furious while walking through a local park or riverside and you've got yourself a name for the tiny monstrosities that keep flying into your mouth.

These pesky bugs are notorious for appearing in swarms and finding their way into the mouths, hair, clothing, and foodstuffs of anyone who seems to be passing by. They're one of the most annoying parts of Ontario summers and with temperatures finally trending upwards, they're already back with a vengeance. 

That said, another beloved summer tradition is going online and complaining about all the worst parts of Toronto heatwaves, long lines, and terrible insects. So it's no surprise that some deserved vitriol is already being tossed towards these midges.

While Toronto has made headlines in the past for beloved animals such as pandas, raccoons, and even a monkey, there's nothing but disgust and annoyance going towards these swarming insects.

Some who are quick with a photo have even captured shocking images of midges absolutely infesting those who dare ride their bicycle through the swarm. It almost looks like something out of a sci-fi film as the parasitic creatures seek a new host body.

Of course, cyclists who often find themselves biking through trails, near the lakeshore, or shadowy tunnels are all too familiar with getting a facefull of midge, and have already begun to brace themselves for the oncoming onslaught.

As the city continues to open up, it should be more common to get strolling down the sidewalk or through the park and run into an old friend.

However, just about everyone in the city will be hoping the midges keep their distance lest a mouthful of insects becomes the newest travel snack.

Lead photo by

Darcy O'Quinn

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