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The moon looked enormous in Toronto this weekend and people took plenty of pics

It's not just you, friend; the moon has been looking exceptionally big and bright from Toronto in recent days.

You may have noticed it outdoors at night, where it's been illuminating the city for roughly half-a-week now as of Easter Monday.

Or in the morning, where it's been competing with the sun for attention...

Or maybe, like many of us, you've noticed the moon — or some blurry semblance of it — in your social feeds a bit more than usual over the past few days.

Twitter users started noticing the moon's exorbitant beauty late last week.

Posts grew more frequent in the days leading up to April 16, when the moon hit its first full phase of the spring season (starwatchers call this one the "pink" full moon.)

The pink full moon peaked in earnest at 2:56 p.m. on Saturday, April 16.

This marks the point where the moon and the sun fall completely opposite each other on either side of the earth.

But the moon remained particularly bright and enormous throughout the entire holiday weekend.

Pro photographers got some sweet shots...

Others... demonstrated how difficult it is to capture what the eye sees with an iPhone.

Whatever the case, we all stan a big glowing orb.

The next full moon of 2022 will be visible from Toronto on Wednesday, May 18, and — depending on cloud cover — it'll likely draw eyes to the skies for a few days before and after as well.

Lead photo by

Phil Marion

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