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There's now a meme account with affirmations only people from Toronto will understand

Another day, another meme account, but now a new one has popped up posting affirmations that only people from Toronto would understand.

Affirmations are essentially words to influence positive thinking and self-empowerment, based around the idea that a positive mental attitude can help you achieve success.

Usually these are phrases like "I am worthy" and "I love myself."

This new age philosophy gets a Toronto spin with @torontoaffirmations, an Instagram account that posts memes with affirmations to make anyone from Toronto feel positive and empowered about themselves.

For example, affirmations include "I will have the coolest tattoos on Ossington," "The girls at Brandy Melville will not bully me as I pass by," and "I will correctly pronounce Queens Quay."

All caps captions encourage tagging for engagment: "TAG A REFORMED BRANDY MELVILLE GIRL."


Several of the memes revolve around one very Toronto subject: coffee, with affirmations like "My indie coffee addiction is incredible for the local economy," "My Queen West Americano was worth every dollar" and "I will not embarrass myself in front of the cute barista with a septum ring."

The memes also sound off on local schools: "I am thrilled to put 'Ryerson grad' on my resume," "OCAD students do not want to hurt me," and "My U of T degree was rigorous and rewarding."

Some are just downright brutal also: "I'm actually so happy with my current wage" (arguably not solely Toronto-specific) and "I will get over the loss of the Hard Rock Cafe."

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