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The best and worst Indigo locations in Toronto

Indigo locations in Toronto can vary almost as much as the so-called "book" store's inventory. At best, a bookstore is a cozy safe haven for the mind to relax, but at worst it can be a harrowing shopping experience. Though we'll never get back the best, most photogenic Chapters of all time at Runnymede, we still have some good Indigo locations.

Here are my picks for the best and worst Indigo locations in Toronto.

Bay and Bloor

This downtown location at the Manulife Centre is widely accepted as one of the best in town. Not only is it easy to get to, its big glass windows are mesmerizing at night and it just got a refreshing makeover.

The spacious layout is easy to maneuver, and there are actually a couple places to sit and read.

Kennedy Commons

Big and spacious, this Scarborough location is the one to hit up if you're not necessarily looking for books but rather magazines and home decor. Both sections are ample, and you're more likely to snag great finds.

Sherway Gardens

This is another one that's good for more than just books, with an ample selection of home decor, accessories, and other goods. This spot still offers lots of books and space to roam around as well.

Mount Sinai

While this location is small, it makes up for its size with a joyful selection of toys and books so it's easy to find what you're looking for. That's an especially good thing considering shoppers at this location might need a little more comfort than others.


While this location is in a mall, it's huge with more than one level and has a relatively decent selection. There's a good IndigoKids section here.

Yonge and Eglinton

Outdated and aging, this location basically doubles as a waiting room for the movie theatre next door in the mall. It could really use a bit of a rehaul from all angles.

Eaton Centre

Anyone who has tried to buy a gift here around the holidays knows not to. While it might seem like a quick stop-off during a mall run, this location can get too busy and overrun with shoppers.

Markville Place

This is an "Indigospirit" location so it's much, much smaller than typical Indigo stores. Some people find the customer service at this particular location to be hit or miss.

Scarborough Town Centre

There's a limited selection at this particular Indigo location due to the fact that the store is about the quarter of the size of many others.

First Canadian Place

Also one of Indigo's smaller "Indigospirit" locations, this cramped store is so tiny that it seems unable to keep a good selection in stock consistently.

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