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A woman is getting roasted on TikTok for touching the Toronto subway platform floor

A Toronto woman got more than she bargained for when doing a "fit check" for TikTok on a TTC subway platform.

Instead of complimenting her on her style, people are absolutely roasting her for touching the floor of the subway while making the video.

"Quick subway fit check!" she says as she crawls away on her hands from the camera she's placed on the floor, then using those same hands to flip her hair and touch her clothes.

Posted last week, it didn't take long for people to jump on the video commenting on the obvious.

"I've seen people explode diarrhea on those floors," someone commented. "NOT THE FLOOR," commented another person. "THE FLOOR IS LAVA," wrote another person.

There are pretty much zero comments about the outfit, with everyone commenting on standard subway practice instead. Namely, never touching the floor, especially in this location.

"omg girl not the Bloor line stand up," commented one person. "sanitizing my phone as I watch this. TTC floors are on par with gas station washrooms," someone else wrote.

Another person was just wondering why this location was chosen to show off the 'fit.

"I'm also crying cause why does a ttc fit check exist," they commented.

The woman revealed that she's relatively new to Toronto, so that may be why she doesn't realize TTC floor-touching is a no-no. When someone asked, she said she's been here since she was 19.

She's actually responded to a few comments on the video and seems good-natured about the whole thing.

"are you girls telling me you've never drunk cried on the floor of the subway waiting for your train," she commented on the video. While most people responded "no," her comment does have around 26 likes.

"This isn't the station for this," one person commented, to which she responded, "upon reflection there is no station for this."

She even posted a follow-up video addressing the comments.

"I'm reading the comments on this video and I'm crying," she says, smiling. "Like, you guys are right, you're so right."

She continues, "I'm gonna leave the video up, I think it's funny, I'm not ashamed I posted the video, but I'm just like, questioning every decision that I ever made in life."

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