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Toronto got more snow this season than a Canadian city known for its brutal winters

Though Toronto certainly has it better than much of Canada as far as winters are concerned, the city has been walloped with a few brutal snowstorms so far this season, giving other notoriously snowy locales a run for their money.

Partly thanks to the historic January blizzard that dumped dozens of cm of snow on us in less than 24 hours — leading to a cleanup of over 45,000 tonnes — we've actually had a snowier winter thus far than one other major Canadian city in particular that is known for its extremely chilly, very white winters.

According to The Weather Network, despite the fact that Montreal normally gets a whopping double the amount of snow that Toronto does each winter — usually 100 cm or so more — the Ontario capital is actually currently beating out our Quebecois neighbour.

"The blizzard on Jan. 17th vaulted the airport well above seasonal, and three additional snowfalls only served to pad the steep totals," TWN meteorologists noted on Thursday.

"Toronto has seen about 160 cm of snow this winter, which is well above the seasonal average of about 109 cm. There's still time left for additional systems to pile on some more."

They add that meanwhile, Montreal has received far less wintry precipitation than it usually does, with only 156 cm this winter to date when it is known to receive 210 cm, on average, by the end of the season.

Though it's not out of the realm of possibilities that Montreal could still get a healthy serving of the white stuff in the coming weeks and outpace T.O., as the agency notes, "it's still quite remarkable that we've reached the middle of March with Toronto ahead in its seasonal snowfall totals."

If we do end up on top, it would only be the third time in recorded history since the 1940s that we've managed to do so.

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