full moon in march 2022

People loved Toronto's full worm moon and shared amazing photos

The warm weather got people outside this St. Patrick's Day and those who looked to the night skies were treated to a beautiful full moon over Toronto.

The first blast of spring weather after a brutal winter got people outside and the final full moon of the season cast a glowing light over the city.

This month's moon is known as the "worm moon" and although people may think it refers to the first worms of spring, the name actually comes from beetles.

According to The Farmer's Almanac, the name comes from the Naudowessie (Dakota) communities who noted the worm-like beetle larvae or castings that appear at this time of year.

There are other names for this March moon that speak to the transition from winter to spring including Sugar Moon (for maple syrup), and Wind Strong Moon.

Whatever people want to call it, this year it was spectacular and many Toronto residents got out for photos.

"Yesterday’s full worm moon rise was very hazy!" thisisaflah notes in sharing a pic. "One cool thing is that if you zoom into the electrical wires you see 4 birds watching the alignment!"

The moon may have looked larger than other months because it was closer to the horizon and people compare the moon's size to trees, buildings or other earthly objects, according to CNN. This tricks people's minds into thinking the moon is bigger.

People got close and clear shots.

If you missed it, the next full moon, called the "Full Pink Moon" or "Paschal Full Moon" comes on April 16 coinciding with Easter.

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