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Ontario cops chase escaped pigs and shame on you for what you're thinking right now

Law enforcement can be a demanding, thankless and dangerous career, but every once in a while the cops find themselves handling situations that probably weren't included in their training. Like chasing down farm animals on the loose.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers in Schreiber, just east of Thunder Bay, found themselves in an unexpected chase, but not with a suspected criminal. Instead, these cops spent the better part of an hour attempting to corral a trio of escaped piglets.

A tweet shared on Friday afternoon by the OPP North West Region briefly described the 45-minute foot chase, along with some adorable pics of the escaped piglets.

It doesn't take a comedic visionary to see the wealth of porcine punch lines here, and while it's the lowest-hanging fruit possible with this tweet, I'm going to leave the humorous quips at the expense of cops to the imagination of readers.

And it took less than an hour (which, like the time cops needed to capture the piglets, still seems a bit too long) for the first person to pick up the unspoken joke here, tweeting, "Oh the irony!"

But the fact that only one commenter seems to have picked up on the painfully obvious humour here is pretty surprising.

As cute as the OPP's account of the pig chase is (who the pig in this statement is remains up to the reader), a photo revealing livestock tattoos on the adorable piglets' ears as they sleep behind the bars of a police cruiser window means that we're likely not looking at a happy ending here.

Unless, of course, you're the farmer who just got three pigs back from a literal run for their lives.

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