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Ontario cops took a military-level arsenal of over 80 guns and explosives off the streets

What began as a simple disturbance call in the Town of Blind River resulted in the seizure of an enormous weapons cache capable of supporting a small militia, and a slew of criminal charges for the alleged owner of this vast arms stash.

Early on the morning of Marchย 16, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) East Algoma Detachment responded to a call for a disturbance on Youngfox Road, which led to a search warrant being executed.

OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique shared a photo of the terrifying haul, which included over 80 firearms, with various prohibited, restricted and non-restricted weapons in the mix.

The accused also had a stockpile of ammunition, high-capacity magazines, suppressors (also known as silencers) as well as grenades and explosives.

Among the weapons seized, a high-caliber sniper rifle seems far beyond the range of practical use for a hunter or sport shooter.

To give you a sense of how unnecessarily large a 50-caliber weapon is for civilian use, the typical combined cartridge and bullet loaded into one of these rifles are over 5.4 inches long, and capable of punching through light armoured vehicles. There is no practical use for a hunter unless their prey happens to be a Brink's truck-driving deer.

The raid was conducted with the OPP's East Algoma Crime Unit, Canine Unit and Forensic Identification Services, and the investigation was supported by members of the OPP's Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The accused, 57-year-old Steve Brisbois of Blind River, was charged with a long list of offences under the Criminal Code, including Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm and Explosives-Making. He appeared in court via video link on March 16 and was subsequently remanded into custody.

Lead photo by

Ontario Provincial Police

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