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Ontario is changing its science curriculum after 15 years and people have thoughts

After 15 long years filled with scientific and technological innovation, Ontario is finally bringing its science curriculum into the present day.

The provincial government announced the new science and technology curriculum for Grades 1 to 8, along with plans to de-stream the Grade 9 science course, Tuesday, stating that the new courses will "place an emphasis on critical life and job skills, including the fast-growing skilled trades."

The new curriculum will be implemented in September of 2022 and it includes coding instruction as early as Grade 1, a focus on STEM and how it connects to everyday life, lessons about robotics and AI, education about the skilled trades and learning related to food literacy.

The curriculum will also touch on climate change and the importance of Indigenous knowledge.

"Ontario has transformed the curriculum to now emphasize STEM education across all grades, embedding life and job skills that will support the next generation of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs," said Minister of Education Stephen Lecce in a statement.

"From finding new cures for cancer, to space robotics that reach new planets, and the development of artificial intelligence and technologies that are changing the economy, Ontario's new science and technology curriculum is focused on giving young people the skills to think critically, dream boldly and chart new pathways forward for our economy."

Considering the fact that the curriculum was last updated in 2007, before many of the technological advancements to which we've become accustomed, the province's announcement has been welcomed by many who say it's about time for education to reflect the real world.

But Premier Ford and Lecce also have a norotiously rocky relationship with Ontario teachers, leaving some wondering how much time educators will have to actually learn the new curriculim before they have to teach it.

Overall, however, residents are celebrating the change as a win for Ontario students. 

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