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Former politician compares Toronto landmark to Auschwitz and people have thoughts

A former politician has very quizically compared a Toronto landmark to the gates at Auschwitz and people are confused and very unhappy.

"I know it wasn't intended but doesn't this remind you of the entrance to #auschwitz ? #Toronto" reads a tweet from Cheri DiNovo with a photo.

cheri dinovo twitter

Screenshot of Cheri DiNovo's tweet, which she has since apologized for and deleted.

The photo is of Toronto's bridge crossing over into Riverside, a very whimsical and not at all Auschwitz-related structure with iconic lettering reading "This river I step in is not the river I stand in" and a clock.

Pretty much every reply to the tweet is something along the lines of "no," "not at all," "not really," and "not even remotely."

It's an odd tweet at the very least, especially considering DiNovo doesn't seem to explain why she's drawing the comparison.

If she intends to say it should be taken down or changed in some way so as not to re-traumatize people, she should have probably considered that before tweeting anything related to the Holocaust.

One person who says they identify as Ashkenazi tweeted that they "can't unsee" the comparison now and that the tweet was "insensitive and unnecessary."

Some others have tweeted it's just downright creepy.

The worst part is, DiNovo has been a hero to many marginalized communities over the years as a queer reverend who performed the first legalized same sex marriage in Canada, was the MPP for Parkdale-High Park from 2006 to 2017, and passed into law more pro-LGBTQ2+ legislation than anyone in Canadian history.

One person tweeted that the bridge actually reminded them of their late father as he had helped work on it.

There was one person who said the bridge reminded them of the gates "a little," and some other people tweeted that they see the resemblance.

To be fair, one person tweeted that "Any curved iron arch above a gate or bridge gives me the chills," but that it "Seemed ridiculous to mention it, given the rise in actual fascist-adjacent politics in the last decade."

Cheri DiNovo has deleted her original tweet and issued a public apology on her Twitter.

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Ashton Emanuel

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