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Disturbing video shows alleged TTC driver filming intoxicated teenage girls

The TTC is looking for answers after a video emerged showing what appears to be a bus operator filming, taunting, and acting in a generally inappropriate manner toward a pair of intoxicated young passengers.

The incident appears to have been filmed recently on an unknown TTC surface route, the events detailed in a video obtained by blogTO through an anonymous source.

The source says they got the video "from a family friend who's a TTC operator, who got all of this information through private chat groups such as WhatsApp and Telegram that operators talk on."

blogTO has obscured the faces of the passengers recorded during the incident for privacy.

"This is the s*** I've gotta deal with sometimes," the alleged TTC operator says with his phone pointed at two young women, likely teenagers, and almost certainly under the influence of one or more substances.

"Hello!" he shouts, halfheartedly trying to bring the incapacitated passengers into a state of alertness, before pretty much immediately switching to taunts when it becomes clear the pair are unresponsive.

"This when you're fried. You are f***ing friiiiiiied," the creeping cameraman says, continuing to taunt the pair rather than attempt to offer any assistance or show anything resembling compassion.

In what might be the most concerning moment, the driver then explains that he is taking his bus out of service, saying, "I'm going to enjoy this, I'm going run it in, and I am out of service."

It's unclear what he means by this statement. Even in the best-case scenario, the end of the video suggests he intended to leave two intoxicated women, possibly in distress, alone on a bus.

The anonymous source tells blogTO, "This operator doesn't represent all operators I have dealt with but they should be reprimanded for recording these girls during a vulnerable time they were facing while going through a medical episode."

The source is not certain about the bus' location or when the video was filmed, but they assume it was captured sometime in the past week and state that, based on the bus model, "it looks likely to have come out of McNicoll, Eglinton, Birchmount, Malvern, Arrow Road, or Queensway division."

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green tells blogTO, "we're aware of this troubling incident and are looking into it," adding, "we are treating this with the seriousness it warrants in order to determine next steps as quickly as possible."

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