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Toronto police issue news release over theft of bougie stroller in Leslieville

The Toronto Police Service is asking members of the public for help in identifying a woman who is believed to have punked a pricey stroller from outside a daycare in one of the city's brunchiest neighbourhoods.

The stroller in question, a twin Bugaboo, is a two-seat, pushable apparatus meant to carry twin babies (or maybe two small kids?) that retails for around $2,125 (regular price) in Canada.

Police announced on Wednesday that a woman had been caught on camera acting kinda sus outside a daycare in the Jones Avenue and Boultbee Avenue area on Monday, January 17, around 3:30 p.m.

"It is reported that a woman attended a daycare in the area and took a twin Bugaboo stroller," reads a news release issued by the service today.

"The woman is described as wearing a pink toque, pink sweater, black jacket, black gloves, blue jeans and brown boots."

While there's nothing inherently wrong with the cops throwing resources toward finding a stolen stroller, some online are questioning why this particular stroller has become the subject of a public theft investigation.

Bicycles, for instance, are stolen frequently around the city, some of them with monetary values well above the Bugaboo's, and yet we very rarely see the service put out full press releases asking the public for help in locating bike thieves, even when a thief has been caught red-handed on camera.

Today's stroller news release was unusual, at least, to the point where people on Twitter took notice and raised their eyebrows.

"Who does the mother know? I see it's Leslieville, such thefts happen all over the city, but people are unable to get ANY attention," asked one observer of the case. "Even for more serious issues, the media often ignores inquiries from the public. So who does the mom know to get coverage like this for a stroller?"

"Police put more effort into finding a stroller than an ending an illegal protest," wrote another. "Ottawa police should watch and learn."

Some who've seen the release around are urging compassion for the suspect.

Others feel for the victim, who could very well have been left with a tricky commute home carrying one baby in each arm.

One person even floated the idea of starting a GoFundMe campaign to replace the stroller for the person who was rich enough to buy a $2,000 stroller in the first place.

And others told the cops to start cruising resale outlets like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace.

At a more practical level, people are using the case to inform others about the importance of securing their stuff when leaving it outside.

"Get a lock for your expensive strollers. Bicycle owners do it for bicycles less than half the price," advised one local. "We had a $700 stroller and we never let it out of sight. Cost is one thing, inconvenience is a whole other issue when things happen to your belongings."

Anyone with information about the missing Leslieville Bugaboo is asked to contact police at 416-808-5500 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS.

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Toronto Police Service

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