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Toronto could get its last shot of truly frigid winter weather this weekend

Ok, ok, hear me out: Winter isn't ending any time soon. I'm sorry. It's early February.

That said, we could be looking at an "early taste" of warm weather near the end of this month, as well as more consistently endurable temperatures after an incoming blast of Arctic air departs this weekend.

The frigid air in question is expected to move across the region on Saturday following a clipper system that might still bring Toronto a bit of snow. 

Sunday will be absolutely effing freezing, feeling as low as -27 C overnight with the windchill. Overnight on Sunday, temperatures are expected to reach -23 C, feeling like -30 C.

Meteorologists are saying that this weekend could be one of the coldest we've experienced all season, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel (thank f*ck): 

"We are watching signs of a pattern change for the end of February into the first week of March with the potential for an early taste of spring-like weather," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

"However, this is still nearly two weeks away and there will be plenty of arctic air across central Canada which could attempt to spoil the warm-up."

It sounds like, in typical Toronto fashion, we could see temperatures bouncing back and forth for a while. It's happened in February before. Quite a few times in recent years, actually.

But back to this weekend: It could be last of its kind we see until next year.

"The blast of arctic air that will arrive this weekend will likely be our final shot of truly frigid weather for this season," says Gillham, noting that it is still too "much too early to declare winter as completely over."

Some snow is still expected later in March, but even just a few days of temperatures above zero would be swell for us chilly Torontonians. Let's hope we start seeing more than a few hours of sun at a time after this weekend's big wintry blast.

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