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Toronto's newest cannabis store looks like a cookie shop

If you glance briefly at the latest cannabis dispensary to hit Toronto, all you'll see is bright blue signage with a single word: Cookies.

Hopefully it's not too misleading to anyone, as there are no cookies sold inside, just lots and lots of weed.

People familiar with more major cannabis brands will probably recognize the logo and not be confused at all, zeroing in on the brand's presence in Canada for the first time.

The signage has swirly white writing on a sky blue background, and the logo is a curly "C" inside the silhouette of a cookie with a bite taken out of it, so you could be forgiven for thinking they're really all about baked goods.

The brands popularity has people lining up in front of the store, though, so don't waste your time by joining the lineup thinking it's for actual cookies or the LCBO nearby.

Canada's first Cookies store opened right here in Toronto on Jan. 29, 2022, and they celebrated with giveaways and other festivities.

The Cookies Canada Instagram page also says a location is coming to Alberta. So far the Toronto store sells Cookies brand cannabis products along with some other brands.

The brand gets its name from the fact that one of the founders, rapper Berner, invented the popular cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies, and he's still legendary for it to this day. It's so associated with him that some people just call it Berner Cookies or Berner's Cookies.

He founded the brand with grow expert Jai, starting out in San Francisco. Even now, their control of their products from "seed to sale" is relatively remarkable in the cannabis world.

By this point, Cookies has also become known as a community and lifestyle brand with merch that's sometimes as sought after as their weed.

While bakery fans may be bummed we didn't actually just get a new cookie shop, cannabis smokers are likely rejoicing now that this iconic brand has broken onto the scene (despite the fact that we already have hundreds of dispensaries in town).

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