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Erin O'Toole turfed as leader of Conservative Party in Canada

It's official: Erin O'Toole is no longer the leader of Canada's Conservative Party. 

O'Toole, who represents the riding of Durham and has served as a four-term Ontario MP, was ousted from the leadership position Wednesday after a majority of Conservative MPs voted to remove him.

Seventy-three conservative MPs voted in favour of ousting O'Toole while 45 voted for him to stay. The vote comes just 18 months after the party's last leadership race, and it means he'll soon be replaced by an interim leader.

O'Toole has faced much criticism from his own party for his "moderate" views on issues like the carbon tax, gun control and conversion therapy, and some have said his lack of action throughout the trucker protest in Ottawa is also part of what led to his downfall. 

Many are therefore happy to see him go, with Ontario residents taking to Twitter to react to the news of his ousting.

Others are meanwhile hypothesizing exactly what it was about him that lead to his failure as party leader.

And some are taking much pleasure in his removal.

Some residents, on the other hand, are expressing concerns about who his replacement will be. 

Before the results of the vote were revealed Wednesday afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was asked if he would ever consider running for the role.

"My hands are full," Ford said Tuesday, suggesting he wasn't interested. "I love being premier of this province. That's my job."

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