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Ontario is currently hiring for tons of positions that make around $100K

The pandemic has prompted a major shift for many people who, after months of lockdowns, are reassessing their careers and perhaps life in general.

Thankfully for anyone looking to make a big change, many businesses in a variety of industries are hiring right now, despite the fact that some sectors of the economy are still struggling to recover from the blow of the last nearly two years.

Whether you lost your job over the course of the health crisis or a shift to working from home has you seeking something new, it seems jobs are everywhere as unemployment numbers continue to decline, whether it be at your local restaurant, a new tech company in town or some level of government.

There are a slew of job opportunities available through the Province of Ontario right now, including tons in Toronto — and, a lot of them are extremely well-paying.

Here are ten you can apply for that make close to or more than $100,000 annually, if you're properly qualified, and aren't senior positions:

Host manager at the Ontario Science Centre

Paying up to more than $95,000 a year, this leadership position involves managing the facility's staff and volunteers as they administer daily programming. The skillset required, though extensive, is general enough that people from many work backgrounds will be able to apply.

Team lead, operations

This job will require a valid G driver's license, as well as experience in emergency management, given that it is in the Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management division of government. For those who fit the criteria, the pay can be nearly $2,000 per week.

Project manager

Project managers are able to use their experience across a variety of sectors, including in government, where they can make upwards of $100K in positions like this one for the Ministry of Health's Health Data Branch.

Web developer editor

Tech-savvy individuals with experience in website development can make more than $92,000 per year at this job maintaining the Ontario Human Rights Commission's website and apps.

I&IT architect

Anyone with IT expertise may also apply to this job, which specializes in cloud deployment and migration strategy and earns up to $110k per year.

Policy analyst

Multiple policy analyst positions are presently open through the Ontario Public Service Careers portal, including for the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and the Legislative Assembly. These six-figure roles require an educational background and/or experience in public policy, along with research and communication skills.

Manager, policy development

This job for the Ministry of Health will require a similar background to the listings above, though it seems the perfect candidate will have more general leadership and executive skills. Pay is listed as up to $135k annually.

Program consultant

In this role, one can expect to design employment and training programs for the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, with a salary of potentially over $100K based on experience.

Business and fiscal planning advisor

If your background is in finance and accounting, you may want to consider this six-figure job assessing business need and providing financial planning advice for clients in the health sector.

Registered nurse

If you're a trained RN who doesn't want to work in the hectic environment of a hospital during COVID-19, your skillset may be better used in government, where you can earn a salary over $90,000 in this position working at a Toronto detention centre.

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