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Mother in Ontario builds epic backyard igloo for her kids

As a child growing up in Canada, it's been a dream of many to live inside the snow forts that we would create while playing in the snow.

For a couple of kids, their dream has become a reality as an Ontario woman has built an igloo in her backyard for her kids to play in.

Elizabeth Sayed, a mom living in Vaughan created a colourful igloo during the lastest restrictions as a fun way to teach her kids about the history of Canada and how Inuits use to build igloos out of snow, not ice, for shelter.

As a way to poke fun at the housing market, Elizabeth posted about her creation on social media, advertising the igloo for sale.

"Exquisite newly built detached home for sale in a prime location of Vaughan. A steal for $800,000," Sayed writes in her caption.

Sayed further sells her pitch, stating it's in a great neighborhood with parks, schools, and the highway close by.

The igloo also comes fully furnished, complete with a sofa set that turns into a bed and a working kitchen. 

"No need for television when you can watch Star Wars with a telescope," jokes Elizabeth.

It took about a week to fully build the igloo, with Sayed only having two hours a day to work on it while her children were napping.

Neighbours have taken interest in visiting the colourful home but unfortunately, the igloo is not taking visitors at the time.

Sayed mentions that she dedicates the igloo to not only her children but also to her late aunt who passed away in Dec. 2020 due to kidney failure. She asks for people to donate to the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Interested in this unique home? Make sure to act fast an book a viewing of it before it melts away.

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Elizabeth Sayed

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