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Viral TikTok shows multiple cars blocking streetcar tracks in Toronto on the same day

Toronto wouldn't be Toronto without TTC vehicles and cars constantly getting in each other's way, and one resident actually managed to capture footage of two separate cars blocking streetcar tracks in the same spot on Wednesday.

TikTok user stopdrop.roll posted the video, which now has more than 297,000 views, on Jan. 19, and it shows a parked car obstructing the streetcar track and preventing a streetcar from getting by.

The video, which also features hilarious narration from the person filming it, only gets more chaotic from there.

"Now the parking authority is here waiting for him and there's three TTC guys waiting for him," the narrator says.¬†"To not be that driver today ‚ÄĒ what a blessing."

Moments after a tow truck arrives to impound the car and the video shows what has turned into a lineup of five or six blocked streetcars, the driver returns to the vehicle. 

The driver somehow successfully prevents the car from being impounded and drives away, finally allowing the procession of streetcars to pass. 

"Oh my god, it happened again," the narrator says soon after while showing yet another car blocking the lane. "I fucking love it here."

The narrator then proceeds to pan the camera to reveal an empty parking space just steps away.

"So I think the best part about all of this is the fact that this spot has been open the entire time," they say. "Not one person has parked there."

After being tagged in the video, parking enforcement officer Erin Urguhart shared her own TikTok warning against following in these drivers' footsteps.

"That is definitely a good way to receive a $150 no-standing transit stop ticket and possibly get towed," she says in the video. 

"In this extreme weather and a lot of snow, half the lanes are taken up by snowbanks. Please be very observant downtown, where there are streetcar routes, streetcar tracks, TTC bus stops as well. You are not to park less than 50 metres from TTC stops, so be very mindful of that," she continues. 

"Even if you're just running in somewhere for five minutes, five minutes can create absolute chaos if you're obstructing any kind of transit route."

And this viral video proves it.

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