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Toronto bracing for up to 10 cm of snow as crews still dig out from the last storm

Still recovering from the winter wallop received last week, Toronto is now bracing for another dump of snow that could bring as much as 10 centimetres by the end of the day Monday.

Environment Canada's hourly forecast expects the snow to begin by noon, continuing until around 2 a.m., with the heaviest snowfall coming between 3 and 6 p.m.

You can expect to see snowfall totals of as low as 3-5 cm across the region on Monday, but some localized areas including a pocket east of downtown Toronto are forecasted to experience closer to 5-10 cm, falling at a rate of around 1-2 cm per hour.

It's not a worrying amount of snow on its own, but with countless bike lanes and sidewalks still impassable as crews race to clear blockages from last week's storm, even this low-to-mid-sized snowfall could be enough to cause issues.

Though it isn't going to result in schools being closed or transit lines shuttered for days like last week's historic blizzard, the latest snow forecast has triggered a travel advisory from Environment Canada. It's still not as bad as surrounding regions though, expected to see up to 30 cm today.

Monday's weather threatens to further complicate the drawn-out cleanup efforts that are still uncovering buried infrastructure a whole week after a whopping nine thousand tonnes of snow fell on the city in a day.

Many in Toronto are clearly still bitter about the city's response to the last storm, which has faced criticism for its rollout and accusations of taking a reactive rather than proactive approach to snow management.

Toronto has been buried for a week, but it's still far from the longest the city has been covered in a thick layer of snow. Pearson Airport recorded its ninth-snowiest streak of six consecutive January days with at least 20 cm of snow depth, which ended Monday with "only" 18 cm of snow depth.

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