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Toronto has had so many car thefts in 2021 that it wants the province to do something

Among the crimes that have been more prevalent in Toronto over the course of the pandemic are, apparently, car thefts, which have jumped drastically in the last year — so drastically, in fact, that the city is asking the provincial government to do something about it.

Toronto City Council is requesting the province to team up with local police to form a task force of sorts to focus on rampant car thefts in the area, which have just hit 6,292 since the year began, marking 12 per cent more than last year.

The phenomenon is not just taking place in Toronto, either — York Regional Police just uncovered 88 vehicles while busting an auto theft ring in the fall, and numbers are up in Peel and other parts of the country, too, according to the Star.

A motion put forward by Councillor Mike Colle at a city council meeting last week suggests that the city "determine the resources required to re-establish a policing unit specifically dedicated to fighting the increasing problem of auto theft in Toronto," as we do not have a specific for the crime at current.

It also requests funding from the province and Ottawa, noting that leaders need to "recognize the urgent need to work with and provide resources to the Toronto Police Service to combat this out control criminal activity."

Earlier this month, YRP had to warn residents of a new tactic wherein criminals use Apple AirTags to track and steal luxury vehicles they spot in public areas, while in Toronto, a list of the most-stolen vehicles has been released in the hopes that owners of certain makes will stay extra vigilant.

Another popular method among thieves is employing a relay box, which can pick up and transmit the signal of a car key fob if it is left close enough to a victim's front door — like right in the front hall dish, where many people leave their keys.

Most vehicles, after being stolen, are shipped overseas never to be seen again.

Though some could argue that there are more violent crimes police could be focusing on, police have noted organized crime syndicates' connection to auto thefts, with the Star aptly pointing out that "proceeds of thefts may fund terrorism overseas."

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