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Police near Toronto try to identify masked bandit in this particularly unsettling photo

Sometimes, the scariest news stories are the ones that present virtually zero threat to our safety, as is the case with a recent Peel Regional Police news release with a photo handout likely to set off some primal alarm bells in your brain.

It all stems from a violent 2020 jewellery store robbery and shooting in Mississauga.

Two people held up and forcibly confined employees in the store at Airport Road and Derry Road in Nov., 2020, and while one of the accused has been charged, another is still outstanding.

Olakunle Banjoko pled guilty to a long list of offences this past November, but it seems he isn't too keen on giving up the identity of his masked accomplice. This reluctance may have something to do with the $1.5 million worth of jewellery and gold nabbed in the heist, which has yet to be recovered.

Peel Regional Police released a photo from a security feed in the hopes that someone will somehow recognize the culprit through their mask, but instead, it's triggering our collective fear of the uncanny valley.

Cops describe the suspect as male, approximately 6'0", medium build and wearing dark clothing at the time of the crime. But what stands out the most is his creepy rubber mask.

Sure, it's probably just a normal Halloween costume, but there's something that seems off about the mask's almost real-looking bald head, bushy eyebrows and huge beard.

The apparent lack of eyes behind the eyeholes might be the most upsetting part of the equation.

Between the vague description and the mask hiding pretty much every distinguishing feature there is, people are playfully responding to the police's tweet seeking information.

Apparently, the guy is pretty well known.

While there isn't much to go on, investigators are asking anyone with information about the robbery or suspect to contact them — hopefully with better leads than this uncanny rubber mask photo.

Lead photo by

Peel Regional Police

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